Finding Your Unique Value

I’m so excited to present this webinar over at Fairygodboss (an online community of millions of women) on November 5th, 2020. Join us! Finding Your Unique Value – Identifying Your Distinct Edge to Improve Your

Personal Branding for Women

Your talent holds power. How are you using it?​ You are here for a reason, you bring a unique value to all you do and there is a distinct purpose for your life. But

Workshops to cultivate winning relationships:

Genny Heikka coaching and consulting for women
Mentors & Sponsors Networking with Impact How they help you succeed, and why you need BOTH: What’s the difference between having a mentor and a sponsor, and does it matter to your success? It turns out, it matters a lot.

This is why I do what I do…

Your personal brand matters more than ever right now. Your can read more about that here. After working with so many women over the years, and seeing what truly helps, I’ve developed a process that takes women from discovering