One-on-One Coaching

If you’re wondering about your purpose or your next step in your career or life, I’d love to work with you. In my own life, I’ve walked the path of many of the things I coach women through today:

  • life and career changes
  • discovering your purpose and passions
  • pursuing your dreams
  • overcoming fears and obstacles
  • understanding and being able to communicate your unique value
  • identifying that next step, whatever that next step might be

My one-on-one coaching sessions follow a four-phase process that strengthens your confidence, gives you more clarity, helps you identify priorities, goals and next steps, maximizes your personal brand and helps you find your purpose and thrive.

Workshops & Consulting

Today’s workforce demands are shifting, especially in the midst of the challenges we face in our world. There’s an increased need for connection in a remote environment, desire for more of a sense of purpose and meaning in work, and an emphasis on personal and professional development. There’s also a pressing need for more women in upper management positions. I help equip you and your employees for growth and success into the future through presentations, webinars and workshops related to:

  • women and leadership
  • personal growth
  • personal branding
  • mentor and sponsor relationships
  • building a strengths culture
  • equipping managers
  • customized topics

These presentations not only support your diversity and inclusion initiatives by helping to equip and empower women, they also support your employee engagement initiatives by tapping into the heart of your employees and helping them really connect who they are to what they do.