How I work with teams to help women thrive:


Personal Branding Workshops

help your company stand out and thrive by helping your employees stand out and thrive

Her Team Success consulting

Emotional Intelligence

certified in eq and eq-360 to help your people or team improve emotional intelligence

Mentor, Sponsor & Networking Training

dEVELOPing & nurturing mentor and Sponsor RELATIONSHIPS AND Networking with impact.

Speaking & Presentations

VIRTUAL or in-person webinarS, workshops and presentations to equip and inspire.

One-on-One or Group Coaching

People are everything.  And especially in today’s world, there’s an increased need for soft skills, effective communications and connection in a remote environment and an emphasis on overall wellness and development to succeed. There’s also a pressing need for more women in upper management positions.

I offer group coaching and training (online and in person, custom and off-the-shelf) in the areas of:

  • How to communicate (and show up) with more clarity and confidence.
  • How to build and nurture mentor and sponsor relationships, whether remote or in-person (and whey they are critical to your success).
  • Emotional Intelligence and you – the most important skill you’ll ever hone.
  • The power of your personal brand – the what, why and how to successfully connect who you are to what you do for greater impact.
  • Shine with strengths and build a strengths culture.
  • How to create your vision and set goals and actions to achieve it. 
  • How to successfully navigate change and roadblocks.
  • The what, how and why of successful networking in today’s new world. 
  • And a variety of women’s leadership topics…

These offerings not only support diversity and inclusion initiatives by helping to equip women for leadership, they also support employee engagement and wellness initiatives by tapping into the heart of your employees and helping them value and maximize who they are for the greatest positive impact. 

My workshops and coaching sessions are designed to give you and your team simple steps that create results and help you draw out your best so you can make a greater impact.

Confidence Coaching

Coaching helps you go farther, faster.

As an expert in personal branding and a coach certified in EQ-i and EQ-i 360 (Emotional Intelligence), I love helping women and teams improve their confidence so they can thrive and succeed.

Confidence Coaching takes individuals or teams through four key steps toward greater confidence and results. Confidence coaching helps you:  

  • improve self-perception, self-expression, stress management, decision making and interpersonal relationships
  • improve the ability to authentically connect who you are to what you do for greater results and impact
  • communicate more clearly and stand out as your best self
  • gain more clarity on your vision, goals, direction and next steps
  • experience more meaning in your work and life
  • gain a clearer understanding of how you can uniquely add value to solve problems and meet needs

Having a kind and compassionate expert come alongside you to give you tools and guide you through this process can be a game-changer… in your life, and your business. I’d love to work with you! 

What companies are saying...

From the prep work in getting to know her audience, to the planning and logistics of our time with her, to the delivery of her messages… Genny was sensational. Our team thought she was as authentic as they come: sharing deep insights into personal branding using anecdotes from her own life! Genny brings a ray of light, positivity, hope, and foundational knowledge to a room filled with leaders at every level!

Jenn Pressner-Taylor

Regional Marketing Director,
Texas Roadhouse Restaurants

"A recent partnership with Genny resulted in a very successful Women's Skill Builders Series for more than 800 participants over the course of three weeks.  The series covered topics of mentors, sponsors, and personal branding and were highly sought-after by employees. Genny brought her expertise and heart-warming anecdotes which left our audiences with a sense of empowerment to own their careers. She's incredibly easy to engage for planning and execution, she keeps it real, and she's able to draw people in and establish a connection very quickly. She also met us where we needed her most - on video conference - which enabled us to scale to hundreds of dispersed employees and maintain a high level of engagement through a virtual format. 'The sessions were truly Do Not Disturb Worthy!' one of our participants commented - I couldn't agree more! Thanks for an awesome series, Genny!"
Adrienne Massie
Employee Engagement Manager, Hewlett-Packard
"If you are looking for a speaker that can instantly connect with your audience while delivering incredibly valuable content, look no further. Genny brings a vast amount of knowledge and experience to every event. What’s more, she delivers her message through genuine and significant personal stories and examples. It’s not often that you can find a presenter that is able to share such incredible insights in such a humble and relatable way. Genny is a delight to work with before, during and after her appearances. Her down to earth presence instantly puts the audience at ease. We were fortunate enough to have her attend and speak at our recent “Women’s Leadership Summit.” Both her energy and message have been highly praised by all who attended. You know it’s a WIN when the only time you see attendees on their cell phones is to take a picture of the presenter in front of them!"
Genny Heikka Her Team Success Testimonial Texas Roadhouse
Bobby Wiejackza
Regional Partner, Texas Roadhouse
"Genny is extremely passionate about helping people elevate their own passions and purpose! We brought her in to work with our team at Peppershock Media, and she presented and shared her expertise and experiences in the area of personal branding. She’s provided excellent guidance and coaching for our people, and encouraged us to really think about how our individual personal brands align with our company’s brand. She was great to have on our Peppershock Marketing Expedition podcasts as well!"
Rhea Allen
CEO, Peppershock Media
"I’ve worked with Genny on a number projects. She’s an incredible leader that can balance the needs of people and business brilliantly. People love working with her. She doesn’t rattle under pressure, which speaks to her character, high EQ and depth of experience. Any room she is in gets better immediately.
I highly recommend."
CJ Alvarado
CEO, Bamboo Creative
"I have worked with Genny on several projects and she is a huge asset. She is well-educated and well-read on the topic of leadership,and she leads out of selfless strength, authenticity, passion and encouragement. Genny’s positive, 'glass half-full' outlook is inspiring, contagious and motivational. I find myself getting excited about anything that comes out of Genny’s mouth!"
Pam Strain
Search National Ministries
Genny spoke for our annual women’s conference as our keynote speaker and she was fabulous! She has professionalism from the beginning and was easy to work with. Her energy and passion came through as vibrantly as she spoke. She gave you actual steps to move forward from where you’re at, no matter what that looks like... We will definitely be asking her back in the future!”
Sherri Lies
7B Conference Coodinator