People and relationships are key.

I offer workshops and training to help women develop and nurture mentor and sponsor relationships, as well as network with more confidence and success.

Mentor & Sponsor Workshop and Skill Builder

What’s the difference between having a mentor and a sponsor, and does it matter to your success? It turns out, it matters a lot. Both mentors and sponsors can play a critical role in your career, but the two aren’t interchangeable.

While a mentor may guide you and help you gain the skills needed to make your next career move, a sponsor will be the one to advocate for you in meetings, help open the door for that promotion, and be your champion. In today’s environment and changing workforce, it’s critical as a woman to understand the distinctions between mentors and sponsors and how the two types of relationships can propel you forward. Developing and nurturing both types of relationships can be life-transforming and it doesn’t have to be hard; I’ll show you how! 

In this interactive and engaging session, you’ll learn key distinctions between mentors and sponsors, and how and why these relationships are key to advancing women into leadership positions. You will also learn how to find and develop these types of relationships in your professional and personal life, and how you can be a mentor and sponsor to others. Both roles are important and can be life-transforming; this session will help attendees understand how and give your audience:

  • Increased awareness and understanding about mentors and sponsors (what each of these typically do, the differences and benefits).
  • Increased visibility to sponsorship and its importance in advancing women in leadership.
  • Clear connection between a job/role they would like to get in the future and how mentors and sponsors can help them get there.
  • Clear idea of one possible mentor and one possible sponsor to develop relationships with (on handout).
  • Understanding of how to get a mentor / how not to get a mentor, how sponsorships are most often developed, and how to develop and nurture these relationships to help advance their own growth and career.
  • Understanding of what it means to be sponsor-ready, introductory understanding of how a strong personal brand can help.
  • Encouragement and inspiration to apply the knowledge from the session in their own lives, as well as share it to help other women advance, too.

When you equip and empower people to develop and nurture mentor and sponsor relationships, it puts them in the drivers seat of their own careers and paves the way for more diverse leadership.

Networking Workshop and Skill Builder

We’re always hearing how important networking is to our career and success, but sometimes actually stepping out and doing it can be hard.

Maybe you’re too busy, or maybe you’re unsure about where to go, or how to communicate with others effectively. Or, maybe the idea of showing up to an event and exchanging contact information with complete strangers is your worst nightmare. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, it shouldn’t.

This skill builder will equip and empower you with a new mindset about networking. (It’s about relationships, not contacts, and it’s about authentic connections, not going to an event and “promoting” yourself.) You’ll walk away with new insights about finding networking opportunities that are a fit for you, and you’ll learn key skills and “social hacks” that will help you more effectively and confidently interact with others, build authentic relationships, and stand out in a way that adds value (and propels your own success). In today’s constantly changing, information-packed environment, people and relationships matter more than ever. This session will inspire you with information and practical tips to develop and maximize those relationships for the greatest positive impact.

Interested in bringing these to your team?

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