Personal Brand vs. Personal Branding

What's the difference between your personal brand and the personal branding process?

While your personal brand is what you’re known for, the personal branding process is when you:

  • explore and clarify who you uniquely are and what differentiates you
  • decide and define what you want to be known for
  • identify ways to live that out in your actions and communications for maximum positive impact
In essence, the personal branding process is all about identifying and positioning your unique value to others.

The process I use to help people strengthen their personal brand works from the inside out. In order to show up at work as your best self and make the greatest impact, and in order to be able to identify your career goals and the steps to move forward to achieve them, you need to first know you.

This is where the personal branding process starts. It begins by exploring and defining who you are (your core values, passions, strengths, expertise, etc.), and then helps you apply your unique value so that you can make the greatest positive impact and find the highest level of meaning and purpose in what you do.

People with a strong personal brand know who they are, how they can help others, and where they want to go. And a strong personal brand doesn’t happen by accident. I’d love to come alongside you or your team and walk you through the process. Feel free to reach out below, or visit my Personal Branding page for more information about how I work with women and companies. 

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