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There’s only one you—and that’s exciting!

Your talent holds power. How are you using it?

I'd love to help you discover more about who you are so you can clearly communicate your unique value and make more of an impact... just by being you. When you understand what you bring to the table, your ideal job or direction, or your next step--whatever that next step might be--becomes much more clear.

Whether it's through:

  • meeting one-on-one with you for coaching (in-person or remotely)
  • helping you understand your unique strengths and passions and what type of direction would be most fulfilling
  • working with you (or your group) to sharpen and manage your personal brand so you make more of an impact
  • helping you develop professionally and personally
  • or helping you overcome obstacles that are holding you back

I have one goal in mind: to help you succeed.

I'm a vetted member of the Professional Coaches Association (PCA) and my coaching services include:


Personal Branding Coaching Sessions

Genny Heikka Her Team Success

Personal branding is more important now than it's ever been. There is a lot of noise out there, and companies and customers have been over-marketed to. More and more, people are the differentiating factor in business decisions and success. Whether you know it or not, you already have a personal brand. It isn't something you "put on" or manufacture; it's you. It's your unique strengths, values, skills, experiences and passions and how you present and apply those in the world. In essence, it's how people people see and experience you, and it matters more than ever.

I come alongside you (or your organization) and take you through a four-phase Personal Branding process that helps you:

  • discover and maximize your strengths, values, skills, passions and experiences so you understand the unique value you bring to the table
  • effectively and authentically communicate and manage your personal brand
  • hone your personal and professional image
  • increase your confidence and presence
  • connect who you are to what you do
  • find more meaning and direction
  • better position yourself for future success
  • make more of a difference in the lives you touch
  • stand out by being your best self

I do personal branding sessions on an ongoing, individual basis following a schedule that works best for you--or through corporate/team workshops, which are approximately three hours long, but can be customized to fit your specific needs and time frame.

Here's a picture of a recent workshop I did for leaders at Texas Roadhouse restaurants in Jackson Hole, WY. We had so much fun!

"From the prep work in getting to know her audience, to the planning and logistics of our time with her, to the delivery of her messages… Genny was sensational. Our team thought she was as authentic as they come: sharing deep insights into personal branding using anecdotes from her own life! Genny brings a ray of light, positivity, hope, and foundational knowledge to a room filled with leaders at every level." -Jenn Pressner-Taylor, Regional Marketing Director, Texas Roadhouse Restaurants

Life and Career Coaching Sessions

In my own life, I've walked the path of many of the things I coach women through today: life and career changes, discovering your purpose and passion, pursuing your dreams, overcoming fears and obstacles, strengthening and communicating your unique value, and identifying that next step, even if don't know what that next step is.

I would love to come alongside you and help you:

  • identify and apply your unique strengths to make an impact
  • take action steps that lead to increased personal and professional growth and confidence
  • find more meaning and fulfillment in what you do
  • conquer the things that hold you back so you can achieve your full potential
  • develop skills and strategies for career and life transitions or advancement
  • create a professional development plan
  • strengthen and manage your personal brand (see above)

Genny is a vetted member of the Professional Coaching Association.
Genny Heikka Professional Coaching Association Idaho

A successful leader motivates and inspires others, and that begins with you being motivated and inspired! I look forward to helping you get there.

How do you get started?

Simply drop me a line by clicking on my contact button. I'll get back to you within 24 hours and we can schedule a simple conversation to understand your needs. No obligation, no pressure. I look forward to talking!