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“Genny is excellent in whatever topic she speaks about and she’s relatable, funny, and honest! She has outstanding leadership qualities and a heart to reach and encourage other women of influence.”

-Kelly Bueno, Director/Coach, MOPS


“Through a series of guided questions, conversations and resources, Genny was able to help me find my true strengths, goals and voice. While transitioning careers, I was looking for a consultant to discuss my next move. My friend heard Genny speak at a leadership conference and recommended I contact her. She shared how impressed and inspired she was when she heard Genny present. I was very excited to connect with Genny during this time in my life. She has an innate ability to create a space for self-discovery and awareness. Genny is a positive influence and a strong advocate for helping people discover their life’s passions. It has been a true pleasure to work with Genny.”

-Amie H.


“Many people need to hear and can benefit from Genny’s messages, so if you have the chance, take it! Genny has now presented at 2 of our company’s events, a coach retreat and our annual Women’s Leadership Series. Each time she has delivered a message of empowerment, self-confidence and personal branding that leaves our leaders feeling energized and inspired. One thing our leaders who have heard her message love most about her is how her message is not about changing who you are to be like someone else, but rather to use your own personal strengths and uniqueness to create a brand for yourself and create your own path to success. She is so relatable and down to earth that the people who are listening to her message feel like they are having an intimate conversation with a close friend.”

-Mike Murphy, Market Partner, Texas Roadhouse


“Working with Genny was amazing! I recently scheduled a consultation with her to get some professional advice regarding a crossroads I was at with a business venture. At the end of our sessions, I not only had more clarity about the direction of my business, but also a clear understanding of my personal brand and how it impacts every aspect of my life.  It was truly inspirational. I cannot recommend Her Team Success enough!”

-Celeste Reinhart, Business Owner, Southern California


“Genny is an inspiration! She is a friend to women and knows how to encourage us. Her personal style is relational and engaging, and she makes you feel like you have known her for years!”

-Carrie Zenker, Director, Rancho Murieta, California

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“I have worked with Genny on several projects and she is a huge asset. She is well-educated and well-read on the topic of leadership; she stays current on all that’s out there and she leads out of selfless strength, authenticity, passion and encouragement. Genny’s positive, ‘glass half-full’ outlook is inspiring, contagious and motivational. I find myself getting excited about anything that comes out of Genny’s mouth!”

-Pam Strain, SEARCH National

Genny Heikka Her Team Success Testimonials

“Genny has a deep and sincere desire to see women flourish. Her delightful optimism, coupled with business savvy, chart the path to both individual and shared success. She’s a skilled communicator, making her an ideal fit for igniting a new vision for the future and imparting the skills to get there.”

-Kirsten Holmberg, President and Founder of Platform Idaho and Idaho Speakers Bureau