The #1 Mistake to Avoid in Your Quest for a Blissful & Happy Career

Now more than ever, many women are facing new challenges – with work, family and their overall wellbeing. 

Maybe that’s you…

  • Maybe you’re job hunting right now, looking for work and trying to navigate applications, updating your resume, networking in a virtual world and prepping for interviews.  
  • Maybe you’re in a place where you have a job, but you want to find a different position that better aligns with who you are and the life changes you’ve experienced.  
  • Or, maybe this past year has given you reason to pause and examine your priorities – and you want to find work that you’re more passionate about. Work that fills you with a greater sense of purpose and meaning.

If so, I invite you to imagine, for just a moment…

  • Feeling inspired and energized to go to work – knowing it’s never too late to find a fulfilling career that fits you perfectly.
  • Being crystal clear on how to discover your unique brilliance and what sets you apart.
  • Having a clearly defined roadmap with your next steps and how you can make a difference.

You’re invited to get inspired, energized and empowered.

Join me and my good friend and fellow career coach Sue Dahl-Robertson in our upcoming live, 60-minute free webinar:

Thursday, April 1st, 12pm – 1pm MT.

In this webinar, you’ll:

Learn the number one mistake to avoid if you want to find work you love, along with key things you can do to position yourself for a blissful and happy career! You’ll also get:

  • Practical, but powerful steps to help you avoid the big mistake we see so often as career coaches.
  • Key tips on getting clear on who you are and what lights you up.
  • More confidence and clarity about the steps you can take in your quest for fulfilling work you love.
  • Inspiration from stories of other women just like you.
  • A workbook to apply your learnings and take your next steps.

We will keep it real, have fun and give you important information that can help you right where you’re at.

We can’t wait to see you there!