What is a personal brand?

We all know that a company’s brand is much more than a logo or a tagline. Your company’s brand is the unique value that your company brings to the marketplace and what you’re known for. It’s how people see and experience your company and the lasting impression that it makes.  

The same is true for people. Whether you realize it or not, you and your employees already have a personal brand. It isn’t something you “put on” or make up, and it’s not just your online platform and how (or if) you use social media. Your personal brand is you. It’s how people see and experience you. It’s what you’re known for. And it’s more important now than it’s ever been. 

 I take your employees through a process that strengthens their personal brand so that they’ll walk away with a clear understanding of:

  • the personal branding process
  • how they can maximize their own brand in their job and relationships
  • how they can better position themselves—and your company—for greater impact and success.

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